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and reignite growth,
here and abroad

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Be warned!

Your senior management team won’t like these truths. They won’t necessarily argue that they are false, they just won’t like the organization-wide implications of them. The good news is that your competitors’ management teams will like them even less!

The best news is that if you have the resolve to transform your organization around these eight truths, you will quickly open an unassailable lead on your competitors.

1 Make Operations responsible for revenue. Make Sales focus exclusively on growth.
2 Optimize for speed. (Don't optimize for proximity to customer).
3 Fix your partnerships (yep, they’re broken) to ensure clear demarcation lines between manufacturer and reseller.
4 Fix your engineering department (salespeople aren’t engineers and production engineers aren’t design engineers).
5 Sell programs, not products.
The value's in the services you wrap around the products.
6 Embrace an inside-out approach to selling (Sales and customer service based inside. Application Engineers and Field Specialists out in the field.)
7 Make most sales activity campaign driven. Let your proposition lead you to accounts, not the other way around.
8 Pay Salespeople salaries, not commissions(and performance should not be optional!)

8 uncomfortable truths.
Embrace them and prosper. Ignore them at your own peril

This workshop is not for the feint hearted. Justin will apply rigorous logic to challenge, debunk and slay many beliefs held sacred over the course of the day. But by doing so, he will liberate you from flawed conventional thinking that holds way too much sway in today’s bruising business environment and present a new model for scaling your business and reigniting growth.

No fluff, no nonsense, just a proven model that will transform your organization and change the way you think about your business — forever.

Justin’s presentation will be based on 25 plus years’ experience working with companies that sell ‘major’ products and services. He’ll back up his claims with example after example of organizations that have adopted this new approach to generate 20% year-on-year growth—with little or no increase in total operational expenses.

What you will learn

  • The reasons why competing exclusively on personal relationships, physical proximity and service is not a long-term sustainable competitive strategy.
  • How the only way to truly win is to out-innovate and out-sell your main competitors within a strategically chosen sub-segment of the larger marketplace.
  • How to turn a mediocre proposition into an irresistible proposition that your prospects will find impossible to refuse.
  • Why a dependence on existing clients for sales opportunities turns your sales process into a self-limiting process.
  • How to build an automated process that generates up to 11X more selling conversations for your salespeople compared to what your competitors ‘salespeople do.
  • Why a focus on selling ‘discrete products’ retards a company’s ability to acquire new clients in the short term—and to exploit the lifetime value of clients’ in the long term.
  • How to deftly position your position as the leader in its chosen segment—independent of size or location.

What will my plan look like?

The objective is for each executive, over the course of the day, to fashion a plan to reignite the growth of their organization based on Justin’s Eight Uncomfortable Truths for Industrial Organizations. Obviously, the finer points of each plan will vary depending on your current size, marketplace maturity and growth goals. But, in a nutshell this plan will consist of:

  • A graphical representation of your organization’s model that details the revised responsibilities of each department and maps critical flows between each department.
  • A revised design for your customer service, engineering, marketing and sales departments.
  • A fundamentally different approach to planning sales activity.
  • An approach to the generation of compelling market propositions.
  • Key Performance Indicators for each department—and the organization as a whole!
  • A step-by-step implementation plan that will enable you to navigate the transaction as fast is is realistic without damaging business as usual.

You will leave this workshop with a practical growth formula and all the necessary steps you will need to take to actualize it.

Eight Uncomfortable Truths Workshop
Formal Agenda

The eight uncomfortable truths that Industrial Organizations must face.

Your senior management team won’t like these truths. They won’t necessarily argue that they are false, they just won’t like the organization-wide implications of them. The good news is that your competitors’ management teams will like them even less!

How to win in the new reality.

Justin’s formula is powerful but deceptively simple. The key idea is that you must first find a niche and peculiar set of commercial requirements that are ill-served by your larger competitors. Then, second, ensure that your organization participates in a hugely disproportionate percentage of the selling conversations that occur in your marketplace (relative to your marketshare).

Finding a winning segment and message to take to market.

Justin will argue that most competitors in industrial supply all want to compete in the one general supply segment. This presents a tremendous opportunity to find an ill-served segment to exploit and build a powerful proposition to take to market.


This is easier said than done. Practically it requires a restructuring of your organization. The good news is that this restructure will provide several meaningful improvements in your operational performance.  The best news is that Justin will give you a simple, seven-point plan you can follow to minimize risk and maximize the speed of change.

The design of sales.

You guessed it, a redesign of sales is required to enable a massive increase in the volume of selling conversations required to take your new proposition to market and out communicate your competitors’ salespeople.  Justin will show you how to build a program to generate up to 11X more selling conversations for your salespeople compared to what they’re currently doing.

The integration of sales, operations and marketing.

The traditional relationship between sales, customer service, design engineering and marketing must be turned on its head. Marketing must generate sales opportunities on a just-in-time basis (they must subordinate to sales). Operations must become responsible for revenue. Sales must focus exclusively on growth. And the marketing department’s sole purpose is to provide a constant stream of opportunities for sales.

The role of management.

This transition is no walk-in-the-park for management. And the new, high-growth business model will require a dramatically different approach to supervision. Like racecar engines, massive increases in efficiency come at the expense of greater fragility.

It’s advantageous to have read Justin’s book, The Machine.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can read the first four chapters of The Machine here or purchase the complete book on Amazon. It’s also extremely beneficial to have read The Goal (Goldratt).

Who should attend

If you’re charged with the responsibility of growing your organization—and if you’re tired of
one-dimensional approaches (sales training, social media, telemarketing, expensive
technology etc)—then there’s a very good chance that this workshop will be a worthy
investment of time and money.

Because the implications of this workshop have wide-ranging implications for many parts of
the organization, this workshop is best suited to key decision makers with at least $5M in
annual sales in the USA and $3M in Australia.