Eight Uncomfortable Truths for Industrial Organizations

Update your organizational model
and reignite growth.

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This workshop will suggest that the standard business model for industrial organizations is outdated and uncompetitive. It will then present a radical new business model by way of eight uncomfortable truths.

Update your organizational model and reignite growth

The bad news is that the content of this workshop will be confrontational. (Sacred cows will be sacrificed)! The good news is that the day will equip you with an updated business model that will enable your organization to outpace your competitors, at home and abroad.

The content of this workshop will be invaluable (read our eight uncomfortable truths, and judge for yourself) but this workshop will be so much more than good content.

This day is an opportunity to immerse yourself in probably the most important questions of our time, in the company of 12 or so fellow travellers, and think, debate, innovate and plan. This creative dynamic is the most important element of this workshop. And, it’s here that your facilitator, Justin Roff-Marsh really shines.

Justin has been transforming industrial organizations on three continents for 27 years and he excels at stimulating debate and changing minds with a potent mix of logic, experience and humour. Justin is the author of The Machine: a radical approach to the design of the sales function and one of the leading thinkers in the Theory of Constraints community (think, The Goal).

The standard business model for Industrial Organizations is outdated and uncompetitive.

It’s the default assumption.

Growth will come from proximity to customers, personal relationships and superior advice and support. But nothing can be further from the truth. Organizations that compete on this basis have been eclipsed by Grainger and Fastenal who are less local, have fewer friendly reps and who provide minimal service and support.

And, now Amazon, whose business model is the exact opposite of proximity, intimacy and support has disclosed that they do more than double the industrial supply revenue than Grainger!

This is just one default assumption that’s incorrect. It’s well-intentioned, of course, but it’s wrong. Dangerously wrong.

It’s critical that we start with a clean sheet of paper and reason from first principles. You shouldn’t continue doing what you’ve always done. But you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and attempt to compete head-to-head with multi-billion-dollar corporations either!

Nuance is required. And a well-reasoned approach that plays to your strengths without sacrificing the ability to scale.

This is what this workshop will provide.

How to take on your competitors and win

Justin will begin the day by debunking the eight supposed truths that drive most industrial companies’ strategic approach to market—from marketing, sales, customer service and engineering to pricing and fulfilment. He'll then help you to assemble a plan to restructure your organization around these new ideas, so as to:

Develop a competitive
Generate an above-
market on owners’ equity
Earn good margins
(now and in the future)
Generate increasing
returns as you scale

Oh, and if you feel that Justin has failed to deliver on this promise, let us know and we’ll happily refund your investment for the day.

Only 15 executives.
Not to be repeated in your area any time soon.

The workshop is limited to 15 executives from similar-sized companies. This is deliberate as the day is long, information-heavy and hands-on. The small number of delegates means Justin can spend more time helping each attending organization to craft a detailed and customized plan for growth.

Loved the program development and campaign modelling part of the workshop. It was great to get executives to own the campaign design.

Lyn Terrett
Rapid Map Australia

There is much to muse from the day. As a smaller company not all can be done immediately, but functions can be allocated.

Peter Terrett
Rapid Map Global

Strong content well presented.

Michael Brick
Meris Food Equipment

Sure, it was a long day. But it was also very productive and very relevant.

Amir Arjmand
Edlyn Foods

Justin presents great ideas for any company that wants to grow more than just organically.

Andrew Donelly
Edlyn Foods

The workshop exposed and challenged a number of conceptions. It me provided me with some really good ideas to consider moving forward.

Dominic Tusa
Industry Update

Amazing value. It gave me a stack of things that I was able to take away and implement quickly.

Gavin Symes
Credit Repair

Very engaging and thought provoking. Justin was excellent in his delivery.

Martin Bottolfsen

It’s still a bit of a mystery to me why the kinds of insights Justin shared during the day are not well known, yet they are not. If you really want to grow your business significantly you should attend Justin’s one day seminar.

John Sambrook
Common Sense Systems, Inc.

I liked the description Justin gave of the ideal sales function. Very powerful.

David Hasht
Triad Technologies